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Q. What’s the difference between SnapEval and Spotlight?

    A. Both SnapEval and Spotlight are cloud and mobile app-based solutions for capturing and sharing performance feedback. SnapEval is focused on providing an employee with timely, accurate, actionable feedback about the employee’s performance. The feedback may be developmental. Only the employee, the employee’s manager, and SnapEval administrators can view feedback for an employee. Spotlight is focused on enabling anyone in an organization to recognize the performance excellence of their co-workers. Feedback is never developmental. Recognition is shared publicly within the organization.

Q. What size organizations benefit most from SnapEval and Spotlight?

    A. SnapEval and Spotlight are designed for small to midsize organizations with up to 2500 employees.

Q. How has SnapEval tailored its solutions for small to midsize organizations?

    A. We’ve delivered a combination of technical and business features designed specifically for small to midsize organizations including:

  • No risk, free 10-user account: With limited time and resources, small to midsize organizations are often reluctant to evaluate new technologies. For this reason, we created free 10-user accounts for SnapEval and Spotlight. The FREE 10-User Account is the ideal way to explore SnapEval or Spotlight, and to introduce these solutions to your team. All features are enabled and you can use it indefinitely (it’s not trial software).
  • Simplified deployment: Creating and configuring a new SnapEval or Spotlight account for an organization takes only a few minutes. Absolutely no technical expertise is required. Sample users and data are automatically pre-populated into new accounts, so you can start using SnapEval or Spotlight immediately. When you’re ready to add your own team members and configuration, delete the sample users and data with a single click.
  • Streamlined administration: While SnapEval and Spotlight employ enterprise-grade security and highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure, focusing on small to midsize organizations enables streamlining of configuration and administration that wouldn’t be possible for large, organizationally complex enterprises.
  • Ultra-competitive price and cash-flow friendly payments: Small to midsize organizations are typically extremely price sensitive and manage their cash flow carefully. For teams larger than ten employees or entire organizations, SnapEval and Spotlight are both priced at only $2.25 per enrolled employee per month. Each month you only pay for the actual number of employees enrolled that month. For organizations with varying employment levels, such as seasonal workers, this is a huge benefit!
  • No upfront costs or obligation: Unlike many other software products, there are no upfront or setup fees with SnapEval or Spotlight. We believe that we need to earn your business each month and will do everything we can to help your organization to be successful with SnapEval and Spotlight. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can cancel your subscription without obligation and take all of your data with you.
  • Enable included advanced features incrementally: To facilitate your organization’s adoption of SnapEval, start with core features such as traditional manager-employee feedback. Then, if and when you decide to do so, enable advanced features incrementally such as 360 degree feedback, team feedback and feedback from external partners, clients and customers.

Q. What type of employees benefit most from SnapEval?

    A. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies non-farm workers into three categories: knowledge workers, office workers, and manual workers. Knowledge workers include management and other professionals. Office workers include sales and office occupations. Manual workers’ jobs involve providing services and performing manual tasks in occupations including service; production; transportation; material moving; installation; maintenance and repair; and construction and extraction. Unlike knowledge and office workers, organizations often don’t equip manual workers with laptops, tablets, or smartphones. In fact, access to laptops and smartphones may be limited or entirely prohibited during work hours.

      Most performance management products require that employees have access to computing technologies such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones, and actively participate in capturing feedback about their own performance. While SnapEval supports employees capturing feedback about their own performance, it’s not required, so they aren’t compelled to have access to computing technologies. In fact, an employee isn’t even required to have an email address to be enrolled into SnapEval! For these reasons, SnapEval is ideal for knowledge, office and manual workers.

Q. What makes SnapEval different from other “Real-time Feedback” or “Performance Management” products?

    A. Virtually all managers and employees are familiar with traditional performance appraisals. These documents span key goal areas of performance and typically include an achievement level and a description of the employee’s performance in each goal area. At its core, SnapEval is essentially a traditional performance appraisal that has been deconstructed into snapshots of performance feedback. Each snapshot (we call an ‘Eval’) includes a goal area, an achievement level and a text note with feedback details. Capturing an Eval on a smartphone or any web-enabled device only takes seconds (the mobile app even supports voice dictation to capture the text note, so no typing is required). By capturing an Eval whenever notable performance is observed or thought of, it’s most accurate and isn’t forgotten. Each Eval can be shared instantly with the recipient when it’s captured, or sharing can be deferred to a future point in time. This enables complex or developmental feedback to be discussed with the recipient prior to sharing it with the employee electronically. Over time, individual Evals create a comprehensive view of an employee’s performance. SnapEval is intuitive because managers and employees are already familiar with the core elements of goal areas, achievement levels and text notes for performance feedback.

Q. Can SnapEval be used in conjunction with traditional annual performance reviews?

    A. Yes. SnapEval can be used to improve or entirely replace traditional annual performance reviews. You are not required to eliminate annual performance reviews with SnapEval.

Q. What is the process for SnapEval to consider new features for its products?

    A. We use the formula below when thinking about how our products can offer value to our customers:

Value = (Benefits/Price) x Utilization

  • Price: Understanding that many of our current and prospective customers are very cost sensitive, we have set our prices 50% to 80% lower than other performance management products.
  • Benefits: We carefully consider new features that can provide significant benefits to many of our current and prospective customers, but also think carefully about their potential impact on price and utilization.
  • Utilization: To maximize utilization, it’s critical that our products are intuitive and quick for managers and employees to use, and easy for HR Professionals to administrate. We continually evaluate ways to increase utilization.

We welcome ideas from current and prospective customers, and are quick to implement value maximizing concepts.

New Account Creation

Q. Do I need to be a Human Resources Professional to sign up for a SnapEval or Spotlight account?

    A. No, you do not need to be a Human Resources Professional to sign up for an account. In fact, we encourage anyone that has an interest in instantly capturing performance feedback for others to sign up for an account. For example, this could be a manager or supervisor in the workplace, but it could also include a coach for a sports team. All you need is a valid email address to sign up for an account. (Please note that ADP requires that you are an ADP Marketplace Administrator to sign up for an account for any 3rd party product in the ADP Marketplace.)


Q. How do I sign up for a FREE SnapEval or Spotlight account?

    A. When you create your SnapEval or Spotlight account at, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the FREE 10-User Account (no credit card required). All SnapEval or Spotlight features are enabled in your account and you can use it indefinitely. You can enroll a total of up to ten team members in your free account. If you decide to enroll an 11th team member, you’ll be prompted to input your credit card information.

    If you create your SnapEval or Spotlight account in the ADP Marketplace, choose the FREE Edition when you create the account. All SnapEval or Spotlight features are enabled in your plan and you can use it indefinitely. You can enroll a total of up to ten employees in your free account. To enroll more than ten employees, switch from the FREE Edition to the Subscription Edition in the ADP Marketplace.

Q. I have more than ten employees enrolled, so my account is on a subscription program. How is my bill calculated?

    A. SnapEval and Spotlight are both Software-as-a-Service offers. This means that your monthly bill is calculated based on the actual number of users enrolled in the account. Unlike many other software products, there are no upfront or setup fees. Instead, each month you only pay for the actual number of employees enrolled that month. For organizations with varying employment levels, such as seasonal workers, this is a huge benefit! More details are provided on the Pricing page.

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