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SnapEval® is an Integrated Partner with ADP!

ADP Marketplace Integrated Partner

“SnapEval and ADP share a common goal of building better workforces through the use of data and technology.  Providing ways to increase the performance of employees is an important part of helping us realize that vision.  We are proud to have SnapEval as an ADP Marketplace partner.”

Drew Lewis

Division Vice President, ADP Marketplace

Integrated with ADP Marketplace to import employee data from RUN powered by ADP®, Workforce Now®, and Vantage HCM®

Spotlight is a fully-functional stand-alone solution. A new Spotlight account can be created and configured in minutes. Ongoing administration of Spotlight is typically measured in minutes per week.

Organizations using RUN powered by ADP®, Workforce Now®, and Vantage HCM® for payroll and benefits can optionally deploy Spotlight as an integrated solution through the ADP Marketplace. These integrated solutions offer additional benefits including:

  • ADP automatically populates and updates employee data to Spotlight.
  • Invoices from ADP include monthly billing for Spotlight as a line item on the ADP invoice.
  • Integration with ADP’s Single Sign-On security enables everyone to login to the Spotlight web portal and mobile app with their ADP username and password. There are no separate usernames or passwords for employees to remember.

ADP Integrated Partner Single Sign-On to Spotlight

ADP Integrated Partner Single Sign-On to Spotlight

SnapEval Brings New Mobile, Cloud-Based Real-Time Performance Management and Recognition Apps to the ADP® Marketplace

Rochester, New York-based SnapEval, LLC recently released leading-edge cloud and mobile app-based Software-as-a-Service solutions for real-time employee performance feedback and recognition through the ADP Marketplace.

SnapEval 2.0 enables supervisors to capture real-time performance feedback for their assigned employees – and provides comprehensive organizational performance feedback visibility to managers and senior leaders. Spotlight is a real-time solution that allows anyone in an organization to recognize the performance excellence of team members and securely share recognition with the organization…

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