ADP SnapEval Testimonial - Real-Time Performance Management
ADP SnapEval Testimonial - Real-Time Performance Management
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SnapEval® Brings New Mobile, Cloud-Based Real-Time Performance Management and Recognition Apps to the ADP® Marketplace

Rochester, New York-based SnapEval, LLC recently released leading-edge cloud and mobile app-based Software-as-a-Service solutions for real-time employee performance feedback and recognition through the ADP Marketplace.

SnapEval 2.0 enables supervisors to capture real-time performance feedback for their assigned employees – and provides comprehensive organizational performance feedback visibility to managers and senior leaders. Spotlight is a real-time solution that allows anyone in an organization to recognize the performance excellence of team members and securely share recognition with the organization.

“The focus of our products is to enable the instant capture of employee performance feedback and recognition on a smartphone or any Web-enabled device,” says David Yeaple, SnapEval’s Vice President of Product Management and Business Development. “When we became aware of the ADP Marketplace, we knew it had to be part of our strategic direction to sell our products and grow our brand.”

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ADP Marketplace Partner: SnapEval, LLC, Rochester, New York
Business: Solutions for real-time performance management and employee recognition

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Business Challenges

  • Expand the footprint of the company’s brand and products
  • Align its technology with a key HCM platform to maximize customer benefits
  • Take full advantage of its relationship with ADP



Demonstrate Product Need and Uniqueness

To improve employee engagement and organizational agility, many progressive Fortune 500 employers, according to Yeaple, have eliminated their traditional annual performance reviews in favor of frequent, structured conversations between managers and employees regarding goals and performance. To support this approach, they have developed and deployed their own proprietary solutions for real-time feedback.

However, small-to-midsize organizations also need to maximize employee engagement and agility, but they don’t have the time or resources to build and maintain proprietary systems. “Our mission is to deliver real-time performance feedback and recognition solutions that are quick to implement, cost effective, simple to learn, and easy to use,” says Yeaple. “The revolution in cloud-based computing, mobile technologies, and Software-asa-Service business models makes this possible.

“Our Spotlight and SnapEval 2.0 mobile apps are unique in that they enable the user to instantly capture brief ‘snapshots’ of performance recognition or feedback at the same time they are observed,” he explains. “That recognition or feedback can then be shared in a timely fashion so that it’s meaningful or actionable for the recipient.” The increased visibility provided by SnapEval includes a dashboard that allows senior leaders and administrators to see feedback in real-time.

Seamlessly Engage HCM Platform Integration

“Like ADP Workforce Now, our performance management and recognition solutions use a cloud-based platform. That was a great starting point for us and the technical teams at ADP,” says Yeaple. “The integrated solutions that have been developed for the ADP Marketplace will enable ADP Workforce Now clients to automatically populate employee data into our Spotlight and SnapEval 2.0 products,” he notes.

Focus On Delivering Added Value

“In another industry, I’ve seen the power of integrating thirdparty products like ours into a leading platform like ADP’s,” Yeaple observes. “Customers benefit from new features that extend and complement the native capabilities of the platform that they already utilize. The platform provider demonstrates its market agility, and the third-party provider gains from the marketing presence and recognition of having an offering that integrates with the platform.”

The Value of ADP Marketplace

“We see ADP clearly as a market leader and the target market for its ADP Workforce Now platform is the same for SnapEval’s products,” says Yeaple. “The thousands of ADP Workforce Now clients are the people we want to have contact with.”

He concludes, “At SnapEval, we get up in the morning excited to see more employers adopting our instant snapshot approach to performance management and recognition. The ADP Marketplace is a place we want and need to be. Everyone we worked with at ADP has been phenomenal. At every point, they stepped up with great support. This is a win-win for us, our customers, and ADP on so many levels.”

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