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SnapEval Continuous Performance Management

SnapEval Pricing

11 or More Enrolled Employees
$2.25/Employee Per Month
  • Ultra-Competitive Price
  • Billed Monthly, Not Annually (Cancel Anytime)
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • No Annual Contract
  • Help with Activation, Configuration and Population Included.
  • Technical Support and Updates Included
*Free for 1-10 employees; no credit card required. Enrolling more than 10 employees will require a credit card, and charges will apply for all employees.

Billing options:

For SnapEval accounts set up directly through

  • No credit card is required for accounts with 1 to 10 employees enrolled. The account is FREE!
  • For accounts with 11 or more employees, the system will automatically prompt you for your credit card information when you enroll an 11th employee. Subscription price is US $2.25 per enrolled employee per month. Each monthly credit card charge will be prorated based on the actual daily number of enrolled employees for the prior month.
  • Non-credit card invoicing is available. Please contact us at

For SnapEval accounts set up through the ADP Marketplace:**

  • Select the “Free Edition” and enroll up to 10 employees. The account is FREE!
  • Select the “Per User Subscription Plan” to enroll 11 or more employees. The cost is $2.25 per user per month. As an ADP Marketplace Administrator, you set the number of employees that you would like to enroll in the ADP Marketplace. You will be billed directly by ADP for your SnapEval  subscription as a line item on your monthly ADP invoice.

**Note: ADP requires an ADP Marketplace Administrator role for an individual to subscribe to 3rd party products such as SnapEval in the ADP Marketplace. You can request to join the ADP Marketplace and establish an ADP Marketplace Administrator role by contacting ADP at

All amounts are US dollars.

For any questions about pricing or billing, please contact us at or +1 585-414-5000.

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